James Gulliver Hancock feels sick when he’s not drawing.

He panics that he may not be able to draw everything in the world… at least once.

James Gulliver Hancock is a well travelled illustrator known for his playful illustration style. His obsession with drawing everything in the world has seen him work for major projects around the globe, seeing his work appear on everything from billboards, to TV commercials, to ceramics, to books, to board games…

He grew up in Sydney, Australia, and studied Visual Communications at the University of Technology. In kindergarten he remembers devising the most complex image he could think of, refusing to move on to any other activity, instead detailing a complex drawing of a city of houses including every detail, every person, and every spider web between every house. He still has the drawing, and continues to manage to make drawing the focus of his day.

He has traveled extensively including an overland journey from Sydney to London via S.E. Asia, China, Japan, Russia and Europe. Rolling in a typhoon in the sea between Japan and Russia he wondered how he’d save his sketchbook when the ship sank. He undertook artist residencies all over Europe and most recently has been living in New York where he has worked for a wide variety of  high profile clients and taken to the city with his personal project www.allthebuildingsinnewyork.com

Currently he works out of three studios: one in The Pencil Factory in Brooklyn, New York, and the other from his homeland studio by the beach in Sydney, Australia, and another in a secret rainforest cabin.


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Some of the lovely people I’ve worked with include:
Ford Motors, Herman Miller Furniture (USA), Warner Music (USA), Ebay/Paypal, Caterpillar, The New York Times, Simon & Schuster Publishers (USA), Chronicle Books, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Leo Burnett, Saatchi&Saatchi, The Times (UK), The Sydney Morning Herald (AUS), Sony/BMG (USA), Readers Digest, Coca-Cola, Island/Universal (UK), Readers Digest (AUS), Allen&Unwin Publishers, Energizer, Business Review Magazine (USA), Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ESPN magazine, Sydney Opera House, City of Sydney, Swinburne University, University of Technology, Lonely Planet Publications, Australian Financial Review, The Australian Government, MTV Australia, The National Gallery of Australia, Chipotle, ABCTV, Woolworths, Penguin/Random House.